Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kangaroo Zoo

In the last week, we went to the Kangaroo Zoo twice. The air quality here has been so bad that we've been unwilling to let the kids play outside. I guess there was a silver lining to the smog & inversion.

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Auntie Sarah's Froo Froo Girl

Aunta Sara made this adorable tutu for Arista. She wears it while playing Power Rangers with her brother. .

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Bubbly Drinks

There is something so joyful about a bubbly drink. This was enjoyed on Christmas Eve. If everything in life was only this simple.

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Bowling Fun

Our family has gone bowling a few times now and we love it.

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Playing at Discover Gateway

This was really a fun adventure. We took the kids on the Trax and went into downtown to play at the Discovery Gateway. They have such fun pay for make believe. Great times, highly recomended place to play.

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Other December Adventures - Dec 08

Hanging with our second cousins - Emily & McKenzie.

Denny and Roman are sledding and wrestling in the snow.

Making cookies with Grandma.
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Christmas Card Outtakes - Dec 08

I had visions of a beautiful Christmas Photo for Christmas Card this year. My kids weren't nearly as interested, so our card didn't have one single picture where they were all smiling. Settling instead for a compiling of a few of the quirkier ones we just kept it real.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cruise to Mexican Riviera - October

In October we took another cruise. This time we went to the Mexican Riviera with Spence's work friends. This was really alot of fun, we just lazed about on this cruise and took it easy.
This is a picture of coming into Puerto Vallarta.
This is me standing in front of our ship, the Norwegian Star.
One of the funnest cruise excursions we have done is the "Salsa & Salsa". This was a blast, we did this I believe in Cabo San Lucas. It was so much fun, we learned how to make 6 different salsas, guacamole and then we learned how to salsa dance. Arriba!
This is another picture of my sexy boyfriend, Spence. Yes, after 20 years he still gives me butterflies in my stomach.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

End of Summer Sillies

Here are some pictures of the kids having the end of summer sillies. I'm late to post them, but they're too cute not to. The last picture is with cousin Jacqui. Arista was just cracking up at something Jacqui was saying.

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1st Day of School - 2008

Here is my boys on their first day of school 2008. Denny is now is 6th Grade and Roman is in Kindergarten. They were both excited that now they get to go to the same school together. We love our school and our teachers too.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sandbox Girl

I'm not sure what we were thinking. However, we made Arista a sandbox for her birthday present from her parents. She absolutely adores it. Here are some cute pics of her intense concentration while working in the box one day. No matter how much brushing off the clothes and rinsing the hands and feet, we still manage to bring lots of sand back into the house. Crazy!

We also found that her brothers and the neighbors kids love to play in the sandbox just as much as she does. I guess we all love to dig and scoop in the sand, no matter the age.
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Arista Turns Two

Here are some more pictures of Arista's Birthday. We had a lovely family party with Cousin Patty, Cousin Dominic, and Grandma. She had lot of fun and enjoyed her new bear and tea set immensely.
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